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Gardening has become one of my many passions.  I think because the end result is fresh local and organic food.  I also like the fact that gardening  builds community.  For many years i volunteered at a local community garden managing it and teaching families not only how to grow food, but growing food while saving water and resources. 
I continue to volunteer as a master gardener and now work with Farmscape as a Community Farmer.

Ready to start growing more food but not sure how to start?  Would you like to have someone check in on you and your project every week? Want to be part of a garden community where you can trade your veggies for other veggies which means less trips to the grocery store?  Sign up to my mailing list for a series of free videos.  Just drop me an email saying, "i'm ready" and i will send you a few free videos starting October.
Garden events:
Stay tuned for my new project,

 " The Glendora harvest exchange"
This facebook group is for anyone interested in events and information about gardening. 

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Want to plant a garden but don't know where to start?   Email me and set up an appointment for help with garden plans and instruction. 
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