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Childbirth Education classes

    As a young girl, my dad introduced me to yoga.  I remember going to the park with him and watching him practice yoga.  I came into my own practice when I was pregnant with my first baby and have enjoyed it ever since.  Now I love sharing the benefits and helping people find balance and strength through their own yoga practice.  You will feel relaxed and stress free after one of our classes.
    My study of yoga started about ten years ago at Green Tara Yoga in Upland where I recieved my 200 hour teachers certificate. I also went through a prenatal yoga teacher training.  Two years ago I attended White Lotus Yoga foundation in Santa Barbara to learn more about Theraputic Yoga. This has deepened my practice and taught me how to help others find balance and healing through yoga. 
  "Therapeutic Yoga integrates restorative yoga, gentle yoga, healing touch, breath work and guided mediation to create an environment that supports the body, mind and spirit in the process of healing."
    Recently i attended another workshop through an organization called "The Prison Yoga Project" in Berkeley.  We learned how to support students with PTSD.  This was a wonderful workshop and i came away with more skills to help people manage stress and anxiety.   

   I also offer private classes at one of my class locations in San Dimas and Laverne.   

If you are interested in talking more about my classes, email me at :   or call me: Juanita at 626-202-9594

I teach Hatha yoga classes for all levels of fitness.  Hatha yoga helps you create balance and harmony in your life. It also builds strength and flexibility in your body.   Asanas(postures), pranayama(breathing) and pratyahara(withdrawal from the senses through relaxation/meditation) nurture body, mind and spirit. 
My yoga classes are small which means you get a one on one experience.. 

 If you have never practiced yoga, I recommend  taking a private class. Private yoga classes are $70./for 1  hours.(at the studio) Semi private classes(2 students) are $35. a person.
  "The breathing/relaxation techniques are  
Hatha Yoga classes                                                                   great for reducing stress."

   Equilibrium Fitness             
  2019 Foothill Blvd.
  Laverne, Ca

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  Thurs. 9:30-11am    Easy flow                                              "Adaraluz Yoga"
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 United Yoga Studio  

   654 W. Arrow Hwy, San Dimas, CA

   Wednesdays 8:30- 9:30pm  Restorative yoga
   Thursdays 7-8pm     Prenatal Yoga

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